Intro – Who is Stephanie Lok?

Hi everyone, as a first proper blog post I’ve decided to introduce myself! I’m sure some of you are wondering who I am and what is the purpose of this blog, so let me answer this for you! I’ve been freelancing full-time as a Graphic Designer for quite some time (since 2013) and I recently decided that I wanted to share my knowledge of freelancing and graphic design with everyone! I’m not a writer so please forgive me for any spelling or grammatical errors – I hope to improve with each post! Some of the topics (in no particular order) that I will cover are:

–  Lifestyle of a Freelance Graphic Designer
–  How to find work and get noticed
–  Digital Vs. Print
–  Why you should start a blog!
–  The pros and cons of Freelancing
–  What is branding and why is it important?
–  How to design a logo for your business
–  How to trade services and collaborate with other creatives
–  How to design a digital & physical Portfolio
–  Books that I’m reading
–  Other topics: Travel, Coffee, Food

All of these topics will be based on my experience as a Freelance Graphic Designer living in Melbourne and I hope to inspire, connect and help other graphic designers, freelancers, creatives, and so on. I look forward to sharing my thoughts with all of you! Please feel free to email me with post suggestions and feedback (see contact page for details).

Thank you for reading!

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